I'm Andrew,
but you can call me Drew.

I am a freelance audio engineer with a diverse technical and artistic skillset, including audio and music production, video production, physical computing, web design, graphic design, and photography.

I have a passion for storytelling by combining various media to create a larger, interconnected narrative. I am always trying to get back to the magic of that voice memo demo while also creating a work that sounds polished and professional. My goal is to do more with less. What lies at the core of every project I undertake is the story that it is telling, through its content.

Below are some of the works I am most proud of. It is my hope that together, they become larger than the sum of their parts.

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Music Production

Busking at the Funeral
for Winter & Spring
Chase the Light
Father Kaiser

Audio Production

Podcast - Overview
Podcast - Episodes
Sound Design

Poetry & Writing

Between Belief & Unbelief
Free, Falling
My Eyes are Barely Open


University of Colorado Boulder

Bachelor of Science in Technology, Arts & Media
Emphasis in Sound

“Created to equip students with new and adaptable skill sets for the ever-expanding digital landscape, the Technology, Arts and Media (TAM) program offers... students a wide range of learning opportunities in subjects such as programming, physical computing, digital media, virtual reality, technology education, mobile application development, design, history of technology, big data, virtual reality, web design, user-interface/user-experience, robotics, and wearable technology.”

Creative Technology + Design = TAM

It is that simple, and that broad.

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Audio Editing & Mixing

Need someone to edit and produce your passion project podcast?
I'm your guy!

Music Production

Looking for a producer to help you achieve your musical vision?
Look no further!

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6825 Steeplechase Dr. #207, Windsor CO


+1 (719) 439-7456